In the early 1950's, Harold Moorefield along with his brother, father, and brother-in-law began a construction company called the Moorefield's. They performed framing throughout Los Angeles, California.

In 1957, Harold Moorefield began Moorefield Construction by himself and entered into a new direction. Harold began performing general construction on larger projects and continued doing the framing and concrete on various retail, commercial, and industrial projects. Due to Moorefield Construction's reputation and excellence in construction, Moorefield Construction was incorporated and is known today as Moorefield Construction, Incorporated.


In 1982, Harold Moorefield passed away which left the business to his wife, Ann Moorefield, and their three sons, Mike, Larry, and Hal. Fortunately, Harold and Ann raised their sons with the business in mind and they all received extensive hands-on experience throughout their childhood.


In 1990, Moorefield Construction, Inc., opened an office in Sacramento to better serve their clients in the northern region. In 2006, Moorefield Construction, Inc. opened an office in Bryant, Arkansas to better serve their clients in the southern United States.


Today, Moorefield Construction, Inc. continues to build all types of retail and commercial projects in 13 west, south-western, and central states, and is continuously expanding. Moorefield Construction, Inc. makes every attempt to satisfy your construction and development needs as instilled by Harold Moorefield. We at Moorefield Construction, Inc. feel that it is this kind of service that has built our success and we will continue to strengthen each relationship as proven by the list of past projects spanning over forty years. The gross sales have grown from $3,000,000 in 1982 to over $100,000,000 in 2000. Moorefield Construction, Inc. is a family business and we treat you like family.



Ann Moorefield


Ann has been involved since the inception. She worked as a bookkeeper, bill collector, secretary, delivery person, etc., all while raising seven children. Since 1982, she has served as Chairman of the Board and her daily duties include office administration, bonding insurance, and financial planning. Ann Moorefield provides the company with strong, consistent leadership.


Hal Moorefield


In 1982, Hal was attending a junior college majoring in drafting and architecture while working part time for Moorefield Construction, Inc. Hal also became Vice President and worked part time as an estimator and project superintendent. In 1983, Hal became a full-time project superintendent and moved into the office in 1985 as an estimator and project manager. Hal has estimated and managed all aspects of construction as outlined throughout this entire website.


Mike Moorefield


Prior to 1982, Mike was a project superintendent working with his father. Then in 1982, Mike became President and has since worked in the office full time. Mike has performed estimating and project management on  countless projects and oversees the field operations. To date, Mike has managed many projects located in California and Nevada.

Larry Moorefield


Prior to 1982, Larry attended California State University of Northridge to achieve a degree in accounting while working part-time for Moorefield Construction, Inc. Then, in 1982 Larry became Vice President and performed the duties of estimating and project management. In 1990, Larry relocated to Sacramento to oversee and manage Moorefield Construction, Inc's Sacramento office. To date, Larry has managed many of Moorefield Construction, Inc's projects in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon.